Thursday, December 9, 2010


What I learned in India:


Love is not a fight, it’s something worth fighting for.

Once you get knocked down enough times, it’s not just about learning to stand back up again, but it’s about fighting for what you know is right, it’s about declaring that the truth will one day prevail.

To wake up and be happy being Natalie, knowing that my creator loves me.

I am a people, unstructured person. AKA never going to have a legit job. :(

Mosquitoes may be the most annoying creatures on the planet.

It CAN be hot enough for cough drops to melt (TII).

What a relationship with Jesus looks like.

A prayer life, spending time with Jesus--I hear Jesus most at 5 AM.

Telling the Holy Spirit my heart and listening what He is saying to it.

God’s gift of power to heal brokenness.

As Christians we are going to suffer.

You can’t trust everyone Natalie. You can't trust everyone Natalie. You can't trust everyone Natalie.

Trial=Trusting on God.

How to cross the street in India (it’s just like playing frogger!).

Listen to your heart, no matter how crazy your mind may think it’s being.

Where there is hatred, show love. Pray blessings upon that person and don't let Satan win.

How to be an adult, even when it’s hard to be.

Heartbreak…Again, and again and again.

Give, give, give, and then when you have nothing left to give, give some more.

Leading is about serving.

It’s okay to cry sometimes.

When you try to run away, He is still there…And He always will be.

The people you think are the best, sometimes aren’t…and the people you don’t even notice at first…sometimes become your best friends.

My first sin was laziness.

Yeshu Naam Ki Jay (His name is victorious, Always).

Switchfoot--Thank you for getting me through the roughest days.

Don’t eat with your left hand and don’t forget to take off your shoes when you get in a room and don’t lift up your sari to show everyone your petticoat when getting on a motorcycle…Or else you might be embarrassed.

Women are weaker vessels…but that doesn’t mean you should treat them as lesser vessels…that just means you should care for them more.

Roots and wings (Thanks Popop).

Sometimes by not understanding, we begin to understand so much more. We learn to understand hearts.

Not taking anything for granted…even the small things.

Worshipping with your spirit and not just your mouth.

How valuable friendship is, especially Christian friends.

Every problem I have after India won’t seem that bad…Because I survived India.

No one is a lost cause.

I think sometimes non-Christians can be closer to Christ than "Christians".

I am so blessed for so many reasons.

Airplanes are no longer my worst fear.

The words tension, disturb, and mad have become a large part of my vocabulary in India.

I found myself in India.

When I am weak, I am strong.

Secrets are sometimes meant to always be secrets.

His word is a precious gift--His love poured out on paper. How lovely.

Sometimes you must go to the place where you were most broken to find healing again.

I could go on for days of all the things I have learned…

But for now, I want to say that because of each second I spent here, I am changed for eternity.

I won't go back to how I was-Natalie Grace Donald


Today I will start my journey home.

I know this may come to a surprise to many of you.

But I feel like God is calling me home.

It makes me sad to leave, but I know in my heart it’s the right thing to do.

Please pray for my flight, for when I get back that God provides all that I need, that I find a church to go to, that I have a solid group of Christian friends, that I stay on fire, and that I don’t get too sick from adjusting back.

I will leave 30 pieces of my heart here always.

Map Didi