Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Want To Stay 19 Forever...

So I have been contemplating for days what to share with you.
There is just so much to share.
But I will just tell you some simple things:
1. It is hot. Very hot. But I experienced my first Indian Monsoon! Which I loved.
2. I got to see all of my Indian babies and my heart soared, it still is soaring just thinking about them.
3. I have forgotten the stares. Everywhere I go... Stares.
4. I MUST learn Gujarati language soon, or else I will go crazy trying to understand their broken English (thank heavens they speak English though). 5. I have A LOT of thinking time. Which provides for much prayer. But also will perhaps drive me crazy as well. 6. THANK YOU FOR THE PRAYERS FOR MY TRAVELS. I just watched movies all night including: The Sixth Sense, Date Night, Harry Potter, The Last Song, etc. God was with me the whole way. 7. There are sunflowers outside my window, I will take a picture soon. God sighting. 8. I miss my mom. 9. First question everyone ask: "How is Emily Didi?" Sister, they miss you! 10. Going to youth group tonight. Yes!

I will be writing some more interesting things later, I promise. This entry is lame. I just had to share with you everything.

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