Tuesday, August 31, 2010

India in Numbers

ROMANS 10:15
2 feet to bring the good news.

8,000 miles away from home.
6 months here.
12 hours ahead of home.

148,391 people to pray for in Bharuch.
This is a Christian family living in the slums.
They are very poor, but give all that they have to the church.
Please pray that God blesses this family.

12 leis around my neck.
Everywhere I go!

I bought 2 sauri's today. :]

1 baby attached to me AT ALL TIMES.
She is the cutest of cute, but she won't leave my side!
Petra is sleeping next to me as I write this.

Number of times a day I pray that I won't get sick from the food:
Roughly 3 times a day.
(Please pray for my American tummy)

One after another stares. Most people here have never even seen a white person.

How many times I say kya (what) during a conversation: At least 7!
I am getting better at speaking and understanding though.

3 Chapsticks Jenna has eaten already.

2 days until I go to the villages.
Please pray for my journey and the people I am going to meet.

1 Indian boyfriend. <3>

A million thank you's for reading and praying and keeping me in your thoughts. Miss you.

Infinite X's and O's,
Natalie Grace Donald the first

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