Wednesday, November 17, 2010


  1. This week I got bored.
  2. Why you might ask?
  3. Well, because my lovies have been on Diwali vacation for 2 weeks.
  4. I never thought bored would be a bad thing.
  5. But then! My brain began to semi do what it does best.
  6. Worry.
  7. It is professional at worrying.
  8. What does it have to worry about?
  9. Well: What college am I going to go to? Where am I going to live when I get back? How will I ever get a job? How will I get a car to get to my job? How will I earn money to buy a car? How can I go to school if I have no money? Where will I go to church? Where can I find a church with a good college group? Who will help me through this processing process I will go through when I get back? How will I find Christian friends? Who will pray for me when I have something as simple as leg pain?
  10. I also started missing home like crazy.
  11. So…My Karuna Children are home now(Praise the Lord).
  12. But my mind is still disturbed.
  13. So what I’m asking from you…
  14. Is that you pray for all of these worries.
  15. And pray for me to just give them to God.
  16. And know that He will provide.
  17. And He has perfect timing
Evidence of my boredom:
  1. Natalie Grace Donald

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