Saturday, November 13, 2010

To the happy couple :)

My sister and her future husband, my future brother, Eric.
I am soooo happy for you two.

This week I wrote down what I want in a husband one day when I get over the "I wanna be single forever" phase of my life, so I don't forget:
1. I want him to be willing to lay down his life for me, just as Christ did for us.
2. I want him to nurture me and care for me, make me feel loved.
3. I want him to be my best friend who I trust with everything. Then love.
4. I want him to know me, know my heart, pursue my heart.
5. I want our desire to be to seek the kingdom together, to further it.
6. I want him to cherish, protect, and guard my heart.
7. I want to have fellowship and prayer together.
8. I want him to love me, but worship the Lord.

I think all of these things Eric and Em have. I pray that God blesses your marriage for the rest of your lives. Looking at your engagement pictures is like eating candy. They are beautiful and the love you two have for one another is so evident. Like iron sharpening iron. :)
I love you two. Congratulations and thank you for being an example in my life.
I can't wait to help plan in 4 months (if you'll let me). :)

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