Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BREAKING NEWS! Finally figured it out:

This has been VERY MUCH long awaited if you know Natalie Grace Donald.
For years and years I have been trying to figure it out and I think I finally have.
How you might ask?
By letting go and letting God figure it out.

So here it is:
I was blessed with the spiritual gift of mercy.

the divine enablement to cheerfully and practically help those who are suffering or are in need, compassion moved to action. People with this gift: focus upon alleviating the sources of pain or discomfort in suffering people; address the needs of the lonely and forgotten; express love, grace, and dignity to those facing hardships and crisis; concern themselves with individual or social issues that oppress people.

So I have been praying about it for so long and it finally just came to me, in the form of pictures in my mind during church one Sunday morning.
I want to bring comfort to those who are suffering. Perhaps, maybe even work for World Help or World Vision or Children of the Nations one day.
I want to be the person that comes in after a tsunami hits, or a village is attacked, or a family loses a child, or someone finds out they have cancer.
I want to bring hope, healing, and restoration.
I know I still have a long way to go in maturity and schooling.
But I pray that one day God can use me in these areas.
After talking with some sources, I think that going into social work at a Christian school would be the best thing for that profession (if you know any colleges with good social work programs, let me know!).
Please pray that God makes it clear where He wants me and that He provides the money that I may need once I get there. :)

Please also pray for a hard decision I may have to make in the next few weeks.

To those who care about the little things about my life like what I want to do.. Thank you.

I love you and I'm thankful for you,

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