Friday, November 12, 2010

God's Voice

Rainbows. Donkeys. Writing with His finger in the sand. Creation. Angels. Dreams. Visions. Pillars of fire. Pillars of clouds. Supernatural Events. Stopping the Earth's rotation. Signs. Circumstances. Audible voice. Impressions. Music. People. Scripture. Inner Spirit.

Last night I was listening to this sermon from the Kansas City Boiler Room (my most recent addiction:
And Adam Cox was talking about hearing God's voice.
Lately I have been starving to hear God's voice. Just praying praying praying to hear His voice.
Adam started listing a billion ways we hear God's voice (some listed above).
One of my closest friends here feels like her world is caving in around her. She feels like Satan is attacking her in so many ways. She just kept saying, "God is not with me. He cannot hear me. He has left me. I just want to die." So I grabbed her head, I put my lips to her forehead, and I started praying. "Lord, we want to hear your voice. Father, send us a sign. Heal this broken heart and show Elizabeth that your heart is breaking for her too! Give us a sign, Father! Give us a sign!"
She told me just to leave her...So I began to walk away.
As I was walking away, not even a minute later, I began to feel raindrops. It started to pour, HARD. And it's not even the rainy season here.
It hasn't rained like that since I first came to India.
The Inner Spirit spoke to me: "Go tell her, I have NOT left her."
I ran back and started screaming outside of the Girl's Hostel, "ELIZABETH! ELIZABETH! COME OUTSIDE!"
She finally came out as I stood in the pouring rain.
"See! He is crying just as you are now. He has not left you. He will never leave you."

Please, call me by name Father, because your words are perfect.
Natalie Grace Donald


  1. Natalie- You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your life. May the spirit surround you with Peace, Joy, & many blessings during your journey in India.
    -Nicholle Hansen
    First UMC Mesa