Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today I'd like to thank Benjamin Franklin for a beautiful thing called electricity

This is the start.

This is my heart.

Thank you that hallelujah is a universal word.

Every breath is my second chance.

Yesterday, I went to tutor my favorite kids in the world, like usual. And like usual, things got a little out of hand... So one of the boys, Raul, stood up to help me (since my hindi’s a little on the weaksauce). He scolded, “be quiet and listen to Map Didi!” So I went home and immediately confessed to my aunt that Raul was my new favorite and that I love him soooo much.

Flash forward 10 hours: Raul gets attacked by an evil spirit in the night. Terrifying. He doesn’t remember any of it in the morning…

I’m in love again. If it doesn’t break your heart it isn’t love.

Invade the hearts of those I love, Lord.

I have THE warrior, defeating, victorious king on my side.

All darkness bows before Him.

And trembles.

On a lighter note:

I went on my first walk by myself.

Which may make some of you worried.

But please don’t be.

I was sweating bullets the entire time, but it was the most invigorating feeling of my life (it was like Unwritten was finally the soundtrack of my life).

I passed a camel, a donkey, some wild pigs, and about 5 boys on bikes that did triple and quadruple takes of me trying to cross streets and find my way around this city.

On that walk, I became the leading lady of my own life.

And I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time.

I couldn’t conceal it.

I got a note from my boyfriend today:

“Map Didi,

Flowers die. Stories end. Songs fade. Memories are forgotten. All things come to an end, but precious people like you are always remembered. Please pray for my study and my future. You are very beautiful, smart, innocent, intelligent, blessed, lucky, pretty girl, you are my friend. Missing you lots. Really. Like you. Your smile shines and makes my heart feel so happy. You are the best Didi in the world. I miss you Didi.

Naresh Massy”

I think I didn’t stop smiling for at least 4 hours after I read this.

Here is the picture of my Gideon that I promised you:

I am proud to say that he can spell all his numbers 1 to 10, and there was absolutely no beating or slapping or pinching involved. Just lots of kisses.

"When you smile, the whole world stops and stares for awhile."

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  1. Miss Natalie, you may very well be living my dream life. Is India the beautiful, magical, colorful place that I've always imagined? I'm happy to know you and see how you are loving these kids and your life so fully. I'll definitely say an extra prayer for you tonight. :)