Friday, September 10, 2010

You Know You're In India...

1.) When there is a large goat slaughtered in your honor. How I am ready for my in n' out burger and it's only been 2 weeks.
2.) When a raspberry dolly is your favorite food and KFC in Dehli tastes soooo good.
3.) When you swerve in any which way to
avoid hitting the millions of cows pooping in the roads.
4.) When Switchfoot is my new best friend.
5.) When you are in the middle of nowhere in a remote village in the mountains of India at a tiny church and people are still worshiping with all that they have. And also bringing cucumbers thesize of baseball bats as their offering.

6.) When you're at a beautiful palace one day and a village where the bathing/drinking/cooking water are all the same source the next...

7.) When 12 monkies come into your hotel...and it's not the movie!
8.) When you scope out an attractive British lad at every location you go to just to have some male flirtation.
9.) When it rains every single day.
10.) When you feel like you pray more than you breathe.
11.) When you're at one of the Seven Wonders of the World and crazy Indians are taking pictures of you (because you're white) rather than the breathtaking symbol of love right in front of their faces.
12.) When reading is your new favorite pastime.
13.) When motorcycles basically drive everywhere (sidewalks, stores, you name
14.) When hot showers and toilet paper are missed badly.
15.) When sometimes I am glad I can't understand what some of the gross men are saying around me.
16.) When Party in the USA was finally a good life choice (on the train of course).
17.) When you are an extrovert, but semi miss alone time.

I am loving India. Today was a very good day.
The Taj Mahal was beautiful. A masterpiece.
I am learning to play the guitar for real. Hercules.
Please pray that I continue to keep adjusting to life here. I think I will be fine. And I think I will love every second of it, but please pray. I miss you all very dearly.
Other prayer requests:
Pray for the Karuna Home. That the funds are provided and that God can use me somehow in that way.
Pray for my friend Kaitlin.
And please pray for my husband.
I don't know who he is yet...
But my heart is being radically transformed everyday.
And please pray that his is too.
Thank you.

My Aunt and I in a big deal :)
She's my hero.


  1. Reading these are always the highlight of my day! Stay strong and keep looking ahead.

  2. ... cool pics Nat .... thanks for your kind words in honoring us as parents. Thank you for your steadfast love for God, yourself and others (Mt. 22:37-40). We cannot carry out the Great Commission until we're living the Great Commandment.

    .... Hey isn't that "palace" just an extravagant crypt? If only we as humans could envision such palatial investments into eternity --where "wonders of the eternal state" are far to numerous to measure. (Mt. 6:19-21; James 5:1-5)

  3. Hey,
    That last picture there was perfectly framed! Wonder who took it.

  4. I love you kiddo! I am so very proud of you. You make me want to be a better person.