Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Name

Map Didi: root; When my cousins first came to the US they were obsessed with Dora the Explorer. Which is understandable, they know what it's like to be a foreigner in another country not their own. So when they were young they had a very difficult time saying Natalie. So I said, "Just call me, Nat. It's easier." Indians have a hard time with their N's. So, they just heard Map on Dora and said, "Hey! That's our cousin's name! Map!"

So "I'm the Map."

Didi: root; means sister in Hindi.

Everyday I am flooded with love letters. They make me so happy. Here are just a few of them.

"I love Map Didi. My Map is nice. My Map is like (ship?). Rose are red. Sky are blue. Gras are gras. But you are my supper star." Haha!

Lately, I've had a random prayer in my heart. It is a hope and prayer that my future husband thinks I'm MOST beautiful when I'm praying or worshiping Jesus.
Last night after church I was slipped a letter from one of the Karuna Kids.
It read, "I think you are so beautiful when you pray and praise Jesus, Map Didi."

My heart is so happy today.

There is another nickname I would like to tell you about.
I'm not sure where it originated, or why for that matter,
but I love it.
Everyone calls Petra "Boob" or "Boob-a-lee!"
It makes me laugh.
She's our precious little Boobalee.

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