Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's Your Passion?

Recently, I have taken a class asking this very question, "What's your passion?"
My aunt is teaching it and I absolutely LOVE it!
I think it will help me not to worry so much about my future anymore...
Maybe I'll even figure out what I'm supposed to do with the rest of my life.

The book asks you a series of questions, one being:
"If I were to mention your name to a group of your friends, what would they say you were really interested in or passionate about?"

I asked my teacher (aka my aunt*),
"What if I don't know what they would say?"

She said, "Then maybe you should ask them."
So that is precisely what I did and these are what my closest friends said:
1. "Jesus, loving people, and romance novels.
2. Jesus. Helping people. People-pleasing.
3. Jesus. Loving people. Kids. Social justice. Making a difference in the world. You are living out my live with the poor, in the dirt, loving them back to life, showing them hope, sharing their tears, holding them when they're sick or dying, praying with them, living life together, Jesus. I'm crying just writing this! You are my hero, Natalie Donald. Your heart is beautiful. You are so courageous. You are a world-changer, planet-shaker. God has not only called you, but PICKED you,CHOOSEN YOU, to India for a purpose! You are completely qualified to fufill God's call on your life. Wherever you go, wherever you're living, that place becomes an embassy for the Kingdom of God, because you are a citizen not only of earth, but of heaven.
4. Jesus. Making people happy. Making a difference. Doing more thank just surviving...actually living. People in general (who they are, what makes them tick). Spreading love :)
5. Fixing broken hearts. I remember Fall 07. You brought me back to life.
6. Photography---- you always take the most beatuiful pictures you got a good eye plussss you love capturing life and its beauty and then showing the whole world what at first they maybe didn't notice.
Leadership---- it seems no matter the situation people choose to have you as their leader, president, captain and you never let anyone's expectations down. Also, you having so much trainning for this from your whole life.
7. Counseling.
8. I would say that you are very passionate about God. About how He works in peoples' lives and how He works through you. You have this communication with God that I have always been jealous of. It's like you guys are on the same walkie talkie frequency like 95% of the time. It's amazing. And then I realize how strong and amazing you are and have to be in your faith in order to hear and be heard by God.
Your passion is people: helping them, loving them, connecting with them, cheering them up. And you're amazing at it. You have this light about you and this ease and "grace" with people that you don't even know you have.
You passion is for your friends. Those you love and those you do not yet know. You have this humongous heart and you want to share it with everyone.
You're interested in boys, but you're passionate about one in particular whose heart you will always have, God.
Natalie Donald, you are strong and beautiful and courageous. God uses you and tests you because He knows that you are His daughter and that you can handle it. You stand strong in tough times and are one of the first He will grab when He comes back.
You are passionate about life and living it to the fullest and experiencing everything. But you are also passionate about life after death and wanting everyone you love to be there with you.
You are passionate about helping everyone, especially those in India who are blessed with the Nat Don teachings and influences to learn about Christ.
9. You are passionate about helping those in the margins of life that get forgotten about. You have compassion for the poor and homeless. You love those who others forget about. You have a passion for teaching kids about God. You have a passion for taking care of the kids. You have a passion for helping the hurting. Lastly, you have a passion for spreading the gospel and love of Christ.
I could see you as the following: teacher, social worker (both old and young), counselor, and social justice advocate. Anything you put your mind to you can do. Hope this helps. I am glad you are doing this. Make sure and write these down somewhere and refer back to them when start to struggle. It helps to look back and remember the things that others see in you."

10. Here is what my class thought:
I will keep you updated on what my results are as far as my spiritual gifts and where I can be used in life to bring glory to the Most High King (aka my dad). :)

But today I challenge you to do the same. Figure out what your passions are, don't be scared to ask your friends, and when you figure them out don't let anything stop you from doing them.

Everything in your life should be leading to that same desire.
As for me, "Restoring love and joy to those who have lost it."

With a heart full of thanksgiving,
The girl who has no idea what she is going to do with the rest of her life.
(aka Natalie Grace Donald the first, aka Map Didi)

P.S.- I am totally and completely open for suggestions ;)

P.P.S.- I apologize for the excessive AKA's in this particular blog.


  1. Hi Natalie,
    I am not sure if you remember me, Mrs. Walker. I was the Reading Specialist at PTES and I did student council. You helped plan the SC field trips we did with the high school kids.
    I am friends with your mom on facebook and I saw her post about your blog.
    Some of your posts move me to tears. Thank you for sharing your amazing faith and your amazing stories.

    Jodi Walker

  2. Of course I remember you!
    Thank you for your encouragement.
    It makes me want to keep writing.

  3. Aaaaanndddd Krystal tears. I am honored to be mentioned in your blog. I am honored to be one of the few people you chose to ask. I love you so much, that my heart cannot even take it.