Saturday, October 16, 2010

what it's all about

monday morning i woke up really early.
i sat outside and closed my eyes.
for maybe an hour i just sat in silence.
i asked jesus the question," jesus, how can i show you how much i love you?"

the response spoken to my heart was a feeling i can't explain other than with these words,
"love them, as if i were here, as if i were here loving them. show them the love of god."

so, i told my aunt, "everyday, i want to spend time with the karuna kids. every single day."
so i apologize for my lack of bloggage, but i have been spending time with my favorite kids.

playing red rover and other games until exhaustion (map didi exhaustion, of course)

introducing them to my favorite raspberry dolly (if i was a billionaire, i would buy them raspberry dollies everyday, i decided)

writing them love letters.

painting faces.

today we played soccer and we're going to watch avatar. :)
everyday is something new.
pray that god continues to use me to show his beloved children his love.

if you think of any more ways to love, please feel free to email me them.
as always, they are greatly appreciated it.

love always,

Me :)


  1. what you're doing there is something i look up to and hope to do some day :) keep it up! it's amazing!

  2. Hi Natalie,
    Today was the first time I read your blog! I had to read each and every post and every comment! You brought tears to my eyes every time. (I don't cry easily, either!) Your love for the children around you is such a reflection of God's love for us - his orphans and chose ones. Thank you for sharing your heart so freely. Thank you for loving those little ones around you just like Jesus would have done and DID when He walked this earth.

    I love you!

  3. Miss Natalie,
    What is your email darling? And can I have your aunt's address? Because I want to send you pretty little love letters, because you deserve some yourself. :)
    love you lots sister!

  4. Aunt Jenny,
    I was so happy when I read your comment. I went right away and told Aunt Bec how happy I was! Thank you for your encouragement and love. :) Coming from you it means so much, you have no idea. I love you and miss you so much!

    Rebecca my love,
    I will send you on facebook my email and address.